I have played pen and paper tabletop games since 1980 off and on.  I prefer to GM and like Savage Worlds quite a bit.  

I am trying to organize a post-zombie apocalypse game using  “Wrath of Zombie”  it’s a free gritty fan setting you can find at the link.  I plan on running using Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition’s gritty damage with soak rolls. 

The year is 2210, 200 years have past since the great plague to end all plagues. No one alive remembers the days before, they just tell stories of the world before the dark age of death. Stories that no one knows if there are any truths too, some pre-plague technology and near useless computer data exists but those who can translate it are few and far between. Pre-Dead Aged technology does exsist, in the ruins of major metropolis, if you dare brave the waste lands.

"You thought the first zombie infestation was a nightmare?"